Are you ready for Jaranduari?

24-25-26 januari

Steve Jarand is coming to Belgium, and he's bringing his masks! 

Are you ready for 3 days of Mask play? 

Cause we are!

Who is this workshop for? 

  • All actors or improvisers with an interest in Mask Play (duuuh)

  • All improvisers or actors who want to explorer character building up to a deeper level.

  • All improvisers/actors who want to find a deeper connection with who they are and what they can do without the social exposement on stage (safely hiden behind a mask)

  • Everybody who wants to explorer new social behaviour, who wants to find out how he can be more present in social situations,...

  • Coaches/therapists who want to use mask play into their work with childeren or adults.

  • price: 
    early birds:
    €320 inc. 1 x dinner and 2 x lunch
    € 350 inc. 3 x dinners, 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, a place for your matress and a bathroom to freshen up

    after 1 december:
    € 350/€380

  • place: 
    Dramacafé Peer (Belgium)
    Meeuwerbaan 139, 3990 Peer

  • subscrive: mail:

    The friday workshop will probably start around 17h, but more info will be given soon!

The Fascination of the Masks


What are the differences between good Impro and great Impro? Good acting and great acting?

It lies somewhere beyond wit, charm and precision.

In this workshop, gain some insight into the origins of improvised theatre and the heart of the performer through the use of masks and mask ideas.

Experience how the impulse of transformation can come from something other than your thoughts, your concepts, your self.

We will work with half (Trancemasks) and/or partial masks (noses, glasses, wigs, etc.) to give ourselves different inner and outer perception.

We will also play full masks to practice new physical and emotional states to reveal the stories of the audience as well as the personal feelings that go along with them.

Short Mask Bio – Steve Jarand



Steve graduated from the University of Calgary Drama Department in 1991 and has been doing improvisation since 1987 beginning at Loose Moose theatre in Calgary, Canada.

Since 1991 he has produced nature and history theatre performing in schools, mountain parks museums and zoos.

Steve began working with masks in 1999 with the support of Keith Johnstone, then soon after, teaching at home and overseas.

Each year the Trancemask tour of Europe gets broader in scope. Advanced student courses are now held in half and full mask. Masks are popping up regularly in Impro shows and prepared mask pieces are also performed.

In 2016 Steve completed a ten-month round the world trip with the masks teaching and performing in Columbia, Peru, Brazil, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Japan.

Last year the mask showed up in Turkey and Israel as well.

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