Join my masterclass in Peer or Gent, I'm like this excited mate!

For every improviser or actor who wants to ecxeed in characters, this is the workshop to go to! 

In these two days Aaron will train us to fruely become our character. With that goes the art of building op a story that works together with the characters. 

- Are you having trouble finding goed characters?

- Do you start with a strong character, but do you let it wear off during the show? 

- Do you feel like you're always playing the same story or character?


- Do you miss out on the true passion of acting? 

Than this masterclass might be the thing for you! For this workshop we join forces with the Masterclass academy. You can check them for information as well. Or you email

p.s.: the same masterclass is availble in Gent on 29th of februari and 1st of march.

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